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Founding Artist & Owner

Rocky is an established tattoo artist in the Lower Mainland, with 9 years of experience at reputable shops. Her years of formal art education at The University of the Fraser Valley, Emily Carr University, and a traditional apprenticeship with experienced Tattoo artists have developed her skills to be versatile and well-rounded. Rocky is skilled in a wide range of tattoo styles - everything from soft delicate botanical, to characterized portraits of people and animals to wilderness themed tattoos! She especially loves doing large, Neo Traditional colour projects, as well as and black and grey .

Rocky's mission is to create beautiful custom tattoos in a safe, clean, and positive environment. This includes using modern, state-of-the-art equipment, premium quality inks, and sterile work practices. She works with her clients to create one-of-a-kind personalized designs that they are proud to wear for the rest of their lives!



Annabelle is an Indigenous tattoo artist, decorating skin in the Fraser Valley for about 2 and a half years! She enjoys tattooing anything dark and spooky, anime or video game themed, and wood block style art. Her work shows fine attention to detail in black and grey line work focused illustrations. 

You can contact her via email at or over direct message on her Instagram @creative.annabelle to book!


Paige Arnott

Apprentice Artist

Paige is a budding artist at Heart to Hand Tattoo, having started her apprenticeship May 2022. Her portfolio so far consists of various line-work, script, floral, traditional, and dot-work tattoos.


Paige is currently taking on smaller-scale pieces for a discounted apprentice rate.



Nathan couldn't be happier as a well-faceted junior tattoo artist.

While still building his portfolio, he is capable of bold and bright colour work, as well as fine linework. He is especially enthusiastic when it comes to themes such as video games, anime, and pop culture.


He is excited and ready to nerd out with you and your ideas!

Gustas Jankauskas

Available Saturdays

Gustas is here from Europe, he is a father of a samoyed puppy, and loves people, art, books, and bikes. He believes in karma.

Gustas is super excited to share his unique tattoo style with all of you. Elements of graffiti, cartoon, and pop art are found in his work.  He is ready to hear your ideas and create custom tattoos!


For all booking inquiries, you can reach Gustas directly:

Instagram: @ratwork5


 Or feel free to call the shop at 604-302-7152

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